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As an influencer marketing agency, we take care of everything - from developing the concept, to selecting the right influencers, to publishing the content. We connect you to the right Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or Instagram influencer.

For us, social networks are not just another marketing channel - we are passionate about them and use them ourselves every day

Our benefits & services

  • Online marketing expert as contact person
  • Conception of influencer campaigns
  • Selection of suitable influencers
  • Content creation
  • Coordination and monitoring of the campaign
  • Reporting & evaluation of the campaign
  • Optimisation of your campaigns
  • Social media expert as direct contact person

If you want to work with an influencer agency that masters digital marketing holistically and whose expertise does not stop at influencer marketing, we will be happy to support you transparently and professionally in all areas of digital marketing.

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What does an influencer agency do?

An influencer agency supports companies in all phases of campaign development. They develop ideas, select influencers, implement campaigns and monitor their success.

In addition, influencer agencies naturally market and advise bloggers, influencers and those who want to become one.

The interplay between artist management and campaign development is crucial for the success of influencer marketing. At the core, however, are the following tasks:

Authenticity in Influencer Marketing?

Not every company is the right fit for every influencer. In addition to reach and community, common values should always be considered when choosing an influencer. Authenticity is one of the most important building blocks in influencer marketing.

In order to profit optimally from influencers, companies must be an ideal match. In the social media environment, target groups attach great importance to authenticity - if your company does not match the influencer, in the worst case it can even lead to negative effects.

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The pricing models in influencer marketing

There are many different pricing models in influencer marketing. These vary greatly depending on the size of the influencer. The most common method is the so-called CPM (thousand-contact price).

The CPM indicates the amount that has to be invested in an advertising measure in order to reach 1000 people of a target group per visual contact.

However, the number of followers is not the only decisive point for calculating the price. Brands need a clear goal to find the most suitable influencer and should also work with smaller influencers if necessary. Pricing is usually easier here.

If you decide in favour of an influencer marketing cooperation, we are at your disposal.

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