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Whether setting up a new Google Ads campaign or optimising a current campaign - with our expertise and experience, we make your ads even more effective. In this way, we help you to make the best use of even small budgets to optimally promote your homepage or shop.

Competent Google Ads consulting

Without professional setup or support, a Google Ads campaign can quickly become uneconomical or miss out on potential. We ensure that your Google Ads campaign is profitable and uncover hidden potential.

Google Ads rethought

No fixed contract period

We commit our customers with performance - not with contracts.

No setup charges

You pay no set-up fee for your search engine advertising.

Fair and transparent

We keep you up to date on all activities at all times.

Competent Google Ads consulting

Without professional setup or support, a Google Ads campaign can quickly become uneconomical or miss out on potential. We ensure that your Google Ads campaign is profitable and uncover hidden potential.

Our benefits

  • Social media expert as direct contact person
  • Contact for paid and unpaid social media marketing
  • Interdisciplinary online marketing team
  • Fair and transparent billing
  • Qualitative traffic & high-quality target groups
  • Regular web analysis for traffic optimisation
  • No risk due to monthly notice period
  • Success-based remuneration models for online shops
  • Experience with content distribution and community management
  • Objective and individual consultation on the use of the channels
  • Support on all common networks
  • Holistic support and advice on all marketing channels
  • Synergy effects with other marketing channels

Our Google Adwords Process

We believe that the key to successful search engine advertising is a process. Our proven approach to this is simple:

Needs Analysis




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We will be happy to advise you in a non-binding and free initial consultation.

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Philippe Großmann
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What does Google advertising cost?
What does a Google Ads agency cost?

Design Google Ads campaigns successfully

Working with an SEA agency offers decisive advantages for planning your Google Ads campaigns. Google Ads is the best way for companies to target customers on the internet on search engine pages. Here, you should not leave any potential unused and rely on professional support to optimise your strategy. If you use Google Ads optimally, you will increase your company's sales and contribute to the long-term success of your advertising campaigns.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads used to be called Google Adwords, many users still know Google's offer under this name. It is nothing less than the most important SEA system (Search Engine Advertising) in the world. Search engine advertising is of paramount importance in today's economy, because you can use it to attract customers to your website or shop and draw attention to your offers.

The placement of ads via Google Ads takes place via text ads discreetly integrated into the search results. Google delivers these according to the search terms entered. Google offers two billing models: Pay per Click (PPC) and Cost per Mille (CPM, thousand impressions). Many customers worldwide use Google Ads for their business success and reach millions of interested parties via text ads.

How does Google Ads work?

The central element of Google Ads are the search terms or keywords. For you as an advertiser, these keywords are particularly useful because you can specify that Google will only deliver your ads in connection with these keywords. This ensures that only those users see your ads for whom they are really relevant. This targeted control of advertising is what makes Google Ads so interesting for businesses.

The special approach of Google Ads minimises wastage and thus lowers the costs of campaigns. Google does not charge until the user actually takes an action. This is usually a click on the text link of the ad. However, the available ad spaces above and below the organic search results are limited. Google auctions these off to its customers. You determine for each ad what maximum price you are willing to pay.

Using the adjustable campaigns, it is possible to sort your products and services by category. Each campaign has at least one ad group. In your account, you then have the option, for example, to set the desired budget for each campaign.

For this reason, a Google Ads agency is often indispensable

Many companies benefit from agency services in the area of Google Ads, because not everyone brings the know-how that is required to run successful campaigns. Setting up a Google Ads campaign involves a certain amount of effort, optimisation issues are often demanding. Hence, cooperation with an agency is the better way.

Often, the company does not have the necessary personnel and time capacities to develop good campaigns itself. The world of Google Ads never stands still and there are always innovations that require adjustments to the strategy. This costs time and uses staff capacity. An external service provider takes this work off your hands and relieves your team decisively.

Understanding the auction principle of Google Ads

Would you like to use Google Ads to optimally place your advertising and better reach customers online? Then you should understand the auction principle which Google gives you access with to the coveted ad spaces on the search results pages.

As soon as the user enters a search term in the search engine, processes run in the background that decide which advertisements Google will display. The ads to be displayed are determined in real time. Of course, the positioning is important here. You want your ad to appear as high up as possible. What position you reach with your ad is decided during the auction.

Google determines the ad rank using the following formula:

Ad rank = keyword quality * maximum CpC of the keyword

The CpC are the costs per click. So it is not only crucial which maximum bid you have set. Other factors come into play in determining the ad rank. One of these is that your landing page should have a high quality of content. Only if the content is relevant, Google will reward it with a good rank. User behaviour also plays a role.

In practice, it is difficult to take all relevant factors into account appropriately and to adjust the campaign optimally. This makes our service as an SEA agency all the more important for you. We carry out the optimisation for you and achieve surprising results time and again.

For example, did you know that even with a lower CpC than your competitor, you can still get a better ad rank? This is possible if Google ranks the content on your website higher. A good SEA agency will take all these factors into account and look closely at whether the qualitative focus of your offer is right.

A good ad rank is always the result of a holistic optimisation process that leaves no question unconsidered. We are experts in finding the perfect balance in this field and aligning your campaign entirely with Google's interests.

There is no way around Google Adwords

Google is the largest search engine in the world. If you want to be successful with your offer and ensure that potential customers find you online, you place your advertisements in the search results of this provider. This is because millions of users worldwide rely on Google to find out about products and services. It is indispensable that you are present here and draw attention to your offer with the appropriate advertising.

Google provides an answer to every question. When problems arise, users go online and to Google's site to get quick help and the information they need. If your company can solve the user's problem with its services, you should draw attention to it via Google Ads. Because the potential customer will only reliably find your offer if they can see your ads. We help you to position yourself in the best possible way.

What do I expect from my Google Ads agency?

Whether working with an agency is the right way to go depends crucially on your expectations. Here, different questions are central for every company. Perhaps you aim to save time or you want to improve the effectiveness of your campaign. The following goals are usually pursued by our clients:

There are many good reasons for working with an SEA agency. Even if we design a campaign with the same results as before without additional costs for you, you have already won. Because in this case you benefit from the time saved. Your marketers and other marketing staff can devote themselves to other tasks, such as strategic issues.

What budget makes sense for working with an SEA agency?

When you hire an agency like ours to improve your Google Ads campaigns, you naturally want savings on the click budget. This is in the nature of things, because the expenditure for Google Ads is a permanent burden on your budget, so savings are very welcome here. But at what point is it worth working with an SEA agency at all and at what limit are savings realistic?

We assume that from a minimum click budget of 1,000 €, a cooperation with an agency is worthwhile for you. This is the monthly budget that you are willing to spend on Google Ads. From this budget size, the effort is worthwhile and savings can be achieved so that the agency support practically finances itself. This is also one of the defining reasons why an SEA agency is so attractive for you as a partner.

Benefit from the expertise of an experienced SEA agency

A professional SEA agency offers you a significant advantage that cannot be replaced by your own employees and their work. We don't just run Google Ads campaigns for you, we work for many clients and have already managed numerous campaigns. When you hire us, you benefit from the knowledge we have gained from working with all of our clients. This is invaluable for the success of your own Google Ads campaign.

We offer you competent and knowledgeable consultation on all questions relating to Google Ads. We recognise optimisation potential and see where you can still improve. We know which keywords are most important for companies in your industry and optimally align the campaign to them. After our Google Ads check, you will get a better overview of where you currently stand and in which direction you should move with your strategy. We are at your side to provide support.

Modern tools in use for successful Google Ads campaigns

Developing a profitable strategy in connection with Google Ads requires a lot of experience and knowledge. But that alone is not enough, the right tools must be added. They provide the necessary insights into the data and point the way to optimal solutions. The following tools are indispensable for our work:

We use a variety of tools to develop the best possible strategy for your business. We have a lot of experience in using all these tools and would like to make this experience available to you.

So you see: working with an SEA agency is worthwhile. We are the most important contact online when it comes to the optimal set-up of your Google Ads campaigns. Contact us now and find out how we can support you in your work with Google Ads!

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We will be happy to advise you in a non-binding and free initial consultation.

02204 30500 Mo - Fr 09:00 - 17:00 o'clock Antwort innerhalb von einem Werktag
Your contact person
Philippe Großmann

Philippe Großmann
Managing Director

You are in good company.

More than 100 companies already work with us:

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